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Start of Human Life Morals Quiz

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1. At what stage do most ethical discussions regarding the start of human life typically begin?

2. Which ethical principle emphasizes the innate value and rights of a human being regardless of development stage?

3. In ethical discussions about the start of human life, which principle asserts that actions should only be taken if they do not intentionally harm others?

4. In the context of beginning-of-life ethics, what does the term 'potentiality argument' refer to?

5. Which philosophical perspective argues that moral value and rights are not intrinsic but are conditional upon certain characteristics or states?

6. What ethical argument is made against the use of embryonic stem cells for research?

7. From a bioethical standpoint, when is the 'moral status' of a human being considered to begin?

8. Which ethical theory prioritizes the greatest good for the greatest number when considering the start of human life?

9. What is a commonly cited ethical concern regarding prenatal genetic testing?

10. Which concept in moral philosophy suggests that certain actions are inherently right or wrong, regardless of their consequences?