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Gluteus Medius Tear Knowledge Test Quiz

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1. What is the primary function of the gluteus medius muscle?

2. Which of the following symptoms is most indicative of a gluteus medius tear?

3. What is the most effective initial diagnostic tool for a suspected gluteus medius tear?

4. Which treatment option is generally recommended for a minor gluteus medius tear?

5. During rehabilitation from a gluteus medius tear, which exercise is most beneficial?

6. What is a potential consequence of an untreated gluteus medius tear?

7. Which imaging technique is used to evaluate the severity of a gluteus medius tear after an initial diagnosis?

8. Which activity is most likely to exacerbate a gluteus medius tear?

9. What role does the gluteus medius muscle play in gait?

10. What is a common non-surgical intervention for managing pain in a gluteus medius tear?