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Mary Edwards Walker: Pioneering Surgeon and Activist Quiz

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1. What unique distinction does Mary Edwards Walker hold in American military history?

2. Before joining the Union Army, what was Mary Edwards Walker's profession?

3. During the Civil War, Mary Edwards Walker was captured by Confederate forces. What happened to her during captivity?

4. Aside from her medical career and military service, for what cause is Mary Edwards Walker famously known to have fought?

5. How did Mary Edwards Walker's choice of attire contribute to her notoriety?

6. In which year was Mary Edwards Walker's Medal of Honor revoked, and why?

7. What medical condition was Mary Edwards Walker a vocal advocate against during her time?

8. To which army did Mary Edwards Walker offer her services during the Civil War?

9. Which university did Mary Edwards Walker graduate from with a degree in medicine?

10. After the Civil War, Mary Edwards Walker campaigned for which political office, although she was not elected?