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ADHD and Speech Delay Quiz

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1. What is the primary symptom that differentiates ADHD from speech delay in children?

2. Which professional is typically involved in the diagnosis of ADHD and speech delay?

3. What is the most common treatment approach for children diagnosed with both ADHD and speech delay?

4. How does inattention in ADHD potentially affect speech development in children?

5. Which of the following milestones might be delayed in a child with speech delay?

6. What is one potential outcome of untreated speech delay and ADHD in children?

7. What role do environmental factors play in the development of ADHD and speech delay?

8. Which technological tool is increasingly used to support children with speech delay?

9. What early intervention strategy is essential for children with ADHD and speech delay?

10. How do speech therapists evaluate a child’s need for speech therapy in the context of ADHD?