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Capillary Anatomy Quiz

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1. What is the average diameter of a typical human capillary?

2. Which type of capillary is characterized by having pores in the endothelial cells?

3. Which cell type are the walls of the capillaries primarily composed of?

4. Which type of capillary has unrestricted exchange of water, ions, and small molecules but restricts proteins and cells?

5. What is the primary role of capillaries within the human circulatory system?

6. Which capillaries have the most restricted permeability?

7. Which capillaries are found in the kidneys, intestines, and endocrine glands?

8. At what point in the capillary bed does the exchange of substances primarily occur?

9. Where are sinusoidal capillaries primarily found?

10. Which force drives the filtration from capillaries to the interstitial fluid?