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Biomes of the World Quiz

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1. Which of the following biomes has the highest biodiversity?

2. In which biome would you most likely find caribou and artic foxes?

3. The ____ biome is characterized by its four distinct seasons and diverse variety of trees such as oak, hickory, and maple.

4. This biome is known for its hot and dry climate, sparse population, and specialized plant species like cacti. What is it called?

5. Mosses and lichens are characteristic vegetation of which biome?

6. Which biome has a climate that experiences hot summers, cold winters, and moderate rainfall suitable for farming?

7. What is a biome?

8. In which biome would you find perennial grasses and grazing animals like bison and antelope?

9. Which biome is typically found along the coastal regions where sea and land meet, characterized by salt-tolerant plants?

10. What kind of vegetation can be typically found in the taiga biome?