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Test Your Knowledge: Centimeters and Millimeters on Rulers Quiz

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1. What is the smallest length that can typically be measured to the nearest millimeter on a standard metric ruler?

2. How many millimeters are there in one centimeter?

3. On a standard metric ruler, how would you read a length that falls exactly on the third line after a number indicating centimeters?

4. When measuring an object with a ruler that has both centimeter and millimeter markings, what is the most accurate way to record the length?

5. Which of the following lengths is the longest?

6. Which tool is most appropriate for measuring lengths to the nearest millimeter?

7. How many centimeters are there in 150 millimeters?

8. What does the number 7 represent when it appears next to a long line on a metric ruler?

9. In a science experiment, you're instructed to cut a string to a length of 4cm 6mm. How would you best describe this length?

10. If an object extends from the 2cm mark to the 5cm mark on a ruler, how long is the object?