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Understanding Freshwater Ecosystems Quiz

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1. What type of freshwater ecosystem is characterized as a large body of water that is deeper than a pond?

2. Which prevailing feature differentiates a river from a stream?

3. Which type of freshwater ecosystem typically harbors a high biodiversity due to seasonal flooding?

4. What is the term for species introduced into freshwater ecosystems that cause harm to the native species and habitats?

5. Which of the following can be a potential cause of eutrophication in freshwater ecosystems?

6. What is the main reason that freshwater ecosystems are important to human beings?

7. What type of species would you expect to find in a lotic freshwater ecosystem?

8. What harmful effect can acid rain have on freshwater ecosystems?

9. What are phytoplankton in a freshwater ecosystem?

10. What factor determines the amount of dissolved oxygen in freshwater ecosystems?