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Understanding Power Sets: A Multiple-Choice Quiz

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1. The power set of a set with cardinality 3 contains how many subsets?

2. Which of the following represents the power set of the set {a}?

3. Given the set {x, y}, which of the following is NOT a subset of its power set?

4. How is the binary representation related to the power set of a set containing 3 distinct elements?

5. Can a power set contain identical subsets?

6. What is the cardinality of the power set of the empty set?

7. Which operation is commonly used to determine the subsets within a power set?

8. In the context of set theory, what does the power set of a set A represent?

9. If a set has 4 elements, how can you determine the number of subsets that will be in its power set without directly enumerating them?

10. Is the set containing only the empty set a valid power set?