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Immunohistochemistry Overview Quiz

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1. What is the primary purpose of immunohistochemistry?

2. Which type of microscopy is most commonly used in immunohistochemistry?

3. What is a commonly used marker in immunohistochemistry to identify a protein of interest?

4. For detecting an antigen with low abundance in a tissue section, which amplification method is typically used in immunohistochemistry?

5. Which enzyme is commonly linked to the secondary antibody in immunohistochemistry for visualizing the antigen-antibody reaction?

6. What is the function of a blocking solution in immunohistochemistry?

7. In immunohistochemistry, what does the term 'direct detection' refer to?

8. Which factor is NOT considered when choosing an antibody for immunohistochemistry?

9. How does the antigen retrieval process improve antigen detection in immunohistochemistry?

10. What is the advantage of using fluorescence microscopy over bright field microscopy in immunohistochemistry?