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Solving Word Problems Using Percents Quiz

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1. A company decides to increase the salary of its employees by 15%. If an employee's current salary is $2000, what will be the new salary?

2. A dress is marked down 25% in a sale. If the original price of the dress was $80, what is the sale price?

3. A student scored 80% on a test that had 50 questions. How many questions did the student answer correctly?

4. The population of a town increased by 12% last year and is now 44,800. What was the population before the increase?

5. If a product's price is increased by 10% to $110, what was its original price?

6. A book originally priced at $30 is on sale for 20% off. Additionally, you have a coupon for $5 off the sale price. What is the final price of the book?

7. A school has a 5% yearly increase in enrollment. If the current enrollment is 2100 students, what was the enrollment last year?

8. If a computer's price after a 15% discount is $850, what was the original price?

9. A shopkeeper sells two products, A and B, which are priced at $40 and $60 respectively. After applying a 25% discount on both products, what is the total cost of buying one of each product?

10. A bicycle was priced at $120, but is now selling for 10% less. If you have a 5% sales tax, what is the total amount you will pay for the bicycle?