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Graphically Solving Absolute Value Equations Quiz

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1. Which describes the graph of an absolute value equation $|x|=y$?

2. To solve the equation $|x-3|=5$ graphically, what are the x-intercepts of the corresponding graph?

3. When graphically solving the equation $|2x+1|=7$, how many solutions does the equation have?

4. What is the correct approach to graphically represent the equation $|y-4|=2x$?

5. Assuming the graph of $|x-1|=|y+2|$, which of the following best describes its shape?

6. When graphing the equation $|y|=3$, which statement is true?

7. The graph of the equation $|x|=|y|$ resembles which geometric shape?

8. How does one graphically solve the equation $|x+2|=4$ for x?

9. What distinctive feature does the graph of $|x-5|=|y+3|$ possess?

10. For the equation $|3x-9|=0$, how many points of intersection does the graph have with the x-axis?