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Understanding Nutrient Absorption Quiz

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1. Where does the majority of nutrient absorption occur within the digestive system?

2. Which of the following nutrients is absorbed directly into the bloodstream?

3. How do fat-soluble vitamins get absorbed into the body?

4. What role do villi and microvilli play in nutrient absorption?

5. Where are water and electrolytes primarily absorbed within the digestive system?

6. Which process describes the movement of nutrients from a higher concentration inside the intestine to a lower concentration in the bloodstream?

7. What is the role of carrier proteins in nutrient absorption?

8. Why is the surface of the small intestine wrinkled with villi and microvilli?

9. Which of the following facilitate the transport of glucose from the small intestine into the bloodstream?

10. What is the function of micelles in the absorption of fats?