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Ethical Decision Making Quiz

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1. What is the first step in the ethical decision-making process?

2. Which one of these ethical theories focuses on the consequences of actions while making ethical decisions?

3. What ethical principle emphasizes fairness and equality?

4. Which of the following factors is not a potential influence on ethical decision making?

5. In the context of ethical decision making, what does 'whistleblowing' mean?

6. Which theory of ethics is focused primarily on the inherent character of a person rather than on the specifics of their actions?

7. What is a code of ethics in an organization?

8. Which ethical principle can be described as 'do no harm'?

9. Which one of these is not one of the four fundamental ethical principles generally used in healthcare?

10. What does the 'Veil of Ignorance' concept propose in the process of making ethical decisions?