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Introduction to Intellectual Property Law Quiz

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1. Which form of intellectual property law is primarily concerned with safeguarding creators from financial loss due to unauthorized copying of their work?

2. What type of intellectual property right is generally used to protect a symbol, logo, or name used to identify a particular company or product?

3. What is the primary role of patent law?

4. What is considered a trade secret in intellectual property law?

5. In which cases can fair use doctrine be applied in copyright law?

6. Which type of intellectual property protection would be best for a fashion designer trying to protect a specific distinctive pattern they created?

7. Which type of intellectual property right is infringed if a new car from Company X looks almost identical to a highly popular model from Company Y?

8. What is the primary reason for a time limit on patents?

9. What happens to a trademark if it becomes the generic term for a product or service?

10. What happens if a patent application reveals all details about an invention but the patent is not granted?