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Employee Relations Quiz

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1. What is the primary role of the employee relations function in an organization?

2. What term is used to describe a formal system for addressing employees' grievances in an organization?

3. What law in the United States primarily deals with employers and employees' rights to form unions?

4. What does the concept of 'Employment at Will' mean in the field of employee relations?

5. What is Collective Bargaining in the context of employee relations?

6. What is the primary difference between distributive bargaining and integrative bargaining?

7. Which theory proposes that employees compare their job inputs and outcomes with those of others and then respond to eliminate any perceived inequities?

8. Which of the following approaches to conflict resolution is characterized by each party showing a high level of cooperativeness and a high level of assertiveness?

9. What is the role of an Ombudsman in an organization?

10. Which of the following best describes Industrial Relations?