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Leadership in Management Quiz

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1. Which of the following leadership styles involves a leader who makes decisions without consulting team members?

2. Which leadership style is typically most effective in promoting creativity, innovation, and job satisfaction?

3. What term describes leaders who are mainly focused on performance and meeting goals?

4. What is the leadership style where team members are allowed to take decisions within some bounds?

5. Which style of leadership involves the leader involving team members in decision making, but ultimately making the final decision themselves?

6. What term is used to describe a leadership theory that proposes that effective leadership is a combination of the leader's personality, the followers' perceptions and expectations, and the specific situation?

7. What is the term for a leader who seeks to instill organizational change by becoming an inspirational role model, challenging the status quo, stimulating critical thinking and helping individuals towards their career goals?

8. Which leadership theory involves the belief that effective leaders possess certain inherent traits?

9. What term describes a leadership style where the leader pays close attention to the work process, employee's work and completeness and correctness of the tasks?

10. Which of the following leadership styles is characterized by a leader giving complete freedom for followers to make decisions?