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Electron Configuration Quiz

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1. What is the electron configuration for Carbon (Atomic number 6)?

2. What principle states that no two electrons in an atom can have the same four quantum numbers?

3. What does the aufbau principle state?

4. Why does Chromium ([Ar] 4s1 3d5) not follow the typical Aufbau principle electron configuration?

5. What interpretation does the quantum mechanical model provide about the electron layout in orbitals?

6. What is the electron configuration for a nitrogen atom?

7. The quantum number associated with the shape of an atomic orbital is the __?

8. Which rule states that every orbital in a subshell is singly occupied before any one orbital is doubly occupied?

9. What does the term 'isolectronic' mean in relation to atoms and ions?

10. What is the electron configuration for the iron(II) ion (Fe2+)?