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Chemical Kinetics Quiz

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1. What variable in the Rate Law Expression 'Rate = k[A]^[m][B]^[n]' indicates the reaction order?

2. Which expression below describes a first-order reaction rate in chemical kinetics?

3. What do you call the minimum energy required by reactants to overcome the energy barrier and start a chemical reaction?

4. In the Arrhenius equation (k = Ae^-Ea/RT), what does the 'A' represent?

5. Which statement is correct regarding reaction mechanisms?

6. Which of the following factors will NOT change the rate of a chemical reaction?

7. What do catalysts do in a chemical reaction?

8. What's the effect of increasing temperature on the rate of a chemical reaction?

9. What does the rate constant 'k' in the Rate Equation indicate?

10. What is the effect of increasing the concentration of reactants on the rate of a chemical reaction?