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Hess's Law Quiz

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1. What is Hess's Law?

2. What does Hess's Law let you calculate?

3. In a series of reactions, how are the enthalpy changes combined in accordance with Hess's Law?

4. What do the delta H values represent in a Hess's Law calculation?

5. How does the concept of 'the pathway doesn't matter' relate to Hess's Law?

6. What is a standard enthalpy of formation?

7. Exothermic and endothermic reactions differ in their enthalpy changes. Which is which?

8. How is Hess's Law particularly useful in real-life applications?

9. If given the standard enthalpies of formation for the reactants and products in a reaction, how can you calculate the overall change in enthalpy?

10. How is enthalpy 'conserved' according to Hess’s Law?