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Quiz on Phase Diagrams Quiz

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1. What does a phase diagram represent?

2. What is the triple point on a phase diagram?

3. On a phase diagram, where would you find the condition under which the substance is in a solid state?

4. What represents the boundary between solid and liquid phases in a phase diagram?

5. What is the critical point on a phase diagram?

6. What is represented by a vertical line moving upward from the solid area through the triple point in a phase diagram?

7. Why does water have a unique phase diagram compared to most substances?

8. What phase transition is represented by moving from the liquid region to the gas region on a phase diagram?

9. In some phase diagrams there is a line that ends at a point called the critical point. What phase can exist to the right of this point?

10. What does it mean if a substance's phase diagram does not contain a liquid region?