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Understanding LiDAR Technology Quiz

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1. What does LiDAR stand for in the context of technology and engineering?

2. What is the primary use of LiDAR technology?

3. What device is used to measure distance in LiDAR technology?

4. How does LiDAR technology collect data?

5. Why is LiDAR often used in autonomous vehicles?

6. What advantage does LiDAR have over traditional photogrammetry for 3D modeling?

7. LiDAR systems that are designed to penetrate water in order to map the sea floor are commonly known as what?

8. In terms of data acquisition, what is the main difference between LiDAR and RADAR technologies?

9. True or False: LiDAR can only be used in fair weather conditions.

10. What limitations does LiDAR technology face especially when used for geographical mapping?