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Understanding Linear Models Quiz

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1. Which of the following expressions correctly describes a linear model?

2. What is the slope in a linear model?

3. In a linear model, what does the y-intercept represent?

4. In the equation of a linear model $y = mx + c$, if the slope $m$ is negative, how does the line slope on the graph?

5. Which of the following conditions could be met by a nonlinear model but not a linear model?

6. What is the main purpose of using a linear model?

7. If two variables are strongly correlated, it means that a linear model will always be a perfect fit. Is this statement true or false?

8. A linear model can only ever have one independent variable. Is this statement true or false?

9. If the assumptions of a linear model are violated, what impact does this have on the model's predictions?

10. What is the primary means of evaluating a linear model's fit to the data?