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Quiz on Schramm's Model of Communication Quiz

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1. What is the main concept behind Schramm's Model of Communication?

2. Which of these is a key element in Schramm's Model of Communication?

3. How does Schramm's Model illustrate the relationship between the sender and receiver?

4. What is the role of the 'field of experience' in Schramm's Model?

5. What does Schramm's Model emphasize the most in the process of communication?

6. Who proposed the concept of Schramm's model?

7. What is a limitation of Schramm's Model of Communication?

8. What does the 'signal' represent in Schramm's Model?

9. In relation to Schramm's Model, how is effective communication achieved?

10. What is the role of 'interpretation' in Schramm's Model?