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Lasswell's Model Quiz

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1. What are the five components of Lasswell's model of communication?

2. In Lasswell's model, the 'Who' refers to:

3. What is the meaning of 'Says What' in Lasswell's model?

4. 'In Which Channel' component of Lasswell's model refers to:

5. What does the 'to Whom' component signify in Lasswell's model?

6. What does 'with What Effect' refer to in Lasswell's model?

7. Lasswell's model is best suited for which typeof communication?

8. How does Lasswell's model treat the communication process?

9. Which of the following is a limitation of Lasswell's communication model?

10. In Lasswell's model, where does the feedback process fit in?