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Digital Communication Quiz

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1. Which layer in the OSI model is responsible for conversion of signals from digital to analog and vice versa?

2. In digital communications, what does the Shannon Capacity formula calculate?

3. What is the primary advantage of digital communication over analog communication?

4. In digital communication, what process is used to convert analog signals into digital signals?

5. Which digital modulation method uses changes in the phase of a carrier signal to convey information?

6. What is the main function of a modem in a digital communication system?

7. In a digital communication channel experiencing noise, what technology could be used to ensure data integrity?

8. What principle allows digital communication systems to transmit multiple signals simultaneously over a single channel?

9. Which of the following options best describes the term 'bit rate' in digital communications?

10. Which key aspect of digital communication allows for the retransmission of lost or corrupted data?