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Understanding Communication Styles Quiz

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1. What is assertive communication?

2. What does passive communication often result in?

3. What's the key distinction between passive-aggressive and assertive communication styles?

4. Which communication style is characterized by expressing feelings and opinions strongly without considering the feelings and rights of others?

5. How does understanding your own communication style help in interpersonal relationships?

6. Which communication style tends to avoid conflicts and often involves giving in or complying with others even at the cost of one's own needs?

7. Which communication style is typically considered the most effective and why?

8. Which type of communication style is characterized by passive aggressive behaviors such as sarcasm, veiled hostile gestures, or silence as a response to conflict?

9. What are the distinguishing features of the assertive communication style?

10. In conflict resolution, an assertive communication style is generally more productive than an aggressive style. Why is this?