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Persuasion Techniques Quiz

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1. What is the fundamental principle behind the process of persuasion?

2. Which persuasion technique involves asking for a larger request before settling for a smaller one?

3. What persuasion technique involves creating a sense of urgency by describing a product or offer as 'limited time' or 'limited quantity'?

4. What persuasion technique involves agreeing to a small request first to improve the likelihood of agreeing to a subsequent larger request?

5. Which persuasion technique is based on the idea that people are more likely to comply with a demand if they receive something first?

6. What persuasion technique involves a speaker demonstrating their credibility or expertise on a subject?

7. What persuasion technique operates on the premise that individuals are more likely to comply with a request if they see others, especially similar others, complying?

8. What persuasion technique involves a speaker building rapport or demonstrating similarity with their audience in order to persuade them?

9. What persuasion technique involves placing your most convincing arguments at the beginning and end of your message, commonly known as the 'primacy-recency effect'?

10. Which of the following terms refers to the persuasive technique that relies on appealing to a person’s emotions or values?