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Understanding Different Types of Neurons Quiz

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1. What type of neuron receives information and transmits it to the rest of the body?

2. Which type of neuron primarily process and transmit information within the central nervous system?

3. What type of neurons carry signals from the central nervous system to the muscles to produce movement?

4. Which type of neurons is characterized by the presence of one dendrite and one axon emanating from the cell body?

5. Which neurons have one axon and two or more dendrites?

6. Which type of neuron is involved with sensation and often found in the peripheral nervous system?

7. Which type of neurons has many extensions from the cell body and is found in the brain and spinal cord?

8. Which neuron is known for transmitting information related to heat, pain, touch and pressure?

9. Which type of neurons allow reflex actions to occur by connecting sensory and motor neurons?

10. What type of neuron only has one extension coming out of the cell body?