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RESTful APIs Quiz

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1. What does REST stand for in the context of web services?

2. Which type of HTTP method is typically used to read data in a RESTful API?

3. In a RESTful API, what is the role of a Resource?

4. How does the client know what HTTP methods a server supports for a given resource in REST architecture?

5. Which HTTP status code typically represents a successful GET request in a RESTful API?

6. What characteristic of RESTful APIs upholds the idea that the client-server communication is stateless?

7. In a RESTful API, which of the following best describes the principle of 'Cacheability'?

8. When would you use the PUT method in a RESTful API?

9. What is the principle of 'Uniform Interface' in RESTful APIs?

10. What does 'Idempotence' mean in the context of RESTful APIs?