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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Quiz

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1. Which branch of artificial intelligence is related to interpreting, understanding, and generating human language?

2. What common NLP task involves assigning pre-determined categories to text?

3. Which technique is commonly used in NLP to convert text data into a numerical format that can be used by an algorithm?

4. Which NLP technique is used to identify and categorize entities in text into predefined classes like 'Person', 'Organization', 'Location' etc?

5. What does the term 'stemming' refer to in the context of NLP?

6. In NLP, what is 'tokenization'?

7. Which algorithm is widely used for topic modeling in NLP?

8. What does the term 'corpus' mean in NLP?

9. What does 'stop words' refer to in the context of NLP?

10. Sentiment analysis in NLP is a process of determining what?