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Autonomous Systems Quiz

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1. What is the primary difference between an autonomous system and a remotely operated system?

2. Which of the following best defines an Autonomous System in terms of internet routing?

3. What is one characteristic that distinguishes autonomous systems from traditional systems?

4. What type of sensor would best allow an autonomous system to map its surroundings in three-dimensional space?

5. What piece of legislation regulates the use of unmanned autonomous systems in the airspace of the United States?

6. Why is sensor fusion important in autonomous systems?

7. Which one of these technologies is NOT typically used in autonomous system communication?

8. Which field of study is the foundation for designing efficient and safe routes for autonomous vehicles?

9. What is a potential challenge in the design and operation of autonomous systems?

10. In the context of machine learning, why is reinforcement learning commonly used in the development of autonomous systems?