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Appendicular Skeleton



socket of the hip joint that has a deep cavity and is where the femur meets the pelvis

carpal bone

set of eight short bones that make up the wrist


S-shaped long bone that runs horizontally between the shoulder blade (scapula) and the sternum (breastbone)

coxal bone

hip bone located above the thigh


long bone located in the thigh that is the longest and strongest bone of the body


thin long bone of the lower leg that is lateral to the tibia and acts to stabilize the ankle joint

flat bone

bone that is flat and thin

glenoid cavity

shallow cavity in the scapula where the humerus articulates with the pectoral girdle


largest bone of the upper limb, located between the shoulder and elbow


bone that forms the upper region of a coxal (hip) bone

irregular bone

bone with no clearly defined shape; the hip bone, for example


bone found in the lower and back portion of the coxal (hip) bone

long bone

bone longer than it is wide that has a narrow shaft in the middle and knobs on each end

metacarpal bone

set of five small long bones that are part of the palm of the hand

metatarsal bone

set of five small long bones that help form the arch in the foot


short triangular bone that protects the knee joint

pectoral girdle

pair of structures, each consisting of a clavicle and scapula, that connects the upper limbs to the axial skeleton

pelvic girdle

complex set of bones that forms the pelvic area, which attaches the lower limbs to the axial skeleton

phalange bone

miniature long bone that makes up all the bones found in the fingers and toes

pubic symphysis

cartilaginous joint formed where the two pubis bones meet at the midline


bone that forms the anterior part of the coxal (hip) bone


long and slender bone that is found in the forearm


triangular flat bone that forms the posterior region of the pectoral girdle

short bone

small bone that is approximately cube-shaped

tarsal bone

set of seven short bones that form the ankle and posterior portion of the foot


bone that articulates with the femur and is found between the knee and ankle


long and slender bone of the forearm that forms the elbow joint with the humerus