Digestion and Absorption


acinar cell

pancreatic cell that produces and releases pancreatic juices into the small intestine

alimentary canal

entire passageway from the mouth to the anus where food passes through

ampulla of Vater

where the common bile duct and the pancreatic duct meet


small hollow tube protruding from the large intestine that aids in cultivating gut microbiome to repopulate the intestines following illness


fluid mixture secreted by the liver that emulsifies lipids in the small intestine

brush border

surface of the intestinal epithelial cells that is covered with microvilli


lipoprotein particle formed in order to transport lipids from the intestines to the lymphatic system


release of feces from the body


epithelial cell predominantly found in the lumen of the small intestine or internal lining


gases in and released from the intestines

gut microbiome

hundreds of species of bacteria found in the stomach


small pouches of the colon

islet cell

pancreatic cell that secretes hormones directly into the bloodstream


lymphatic vessel in the small intestine that absorbs digested fat


small collection of lipids and bile salts that interact with intestinal epithelial cells

sphincter of Oddi

sphincter that allows pancreatic juices and bile to flow from the pancreas and liver into the small intestine

taenia coli

bands of smooth muscle fibers that produce haustra of the colon