Ethers, Sulfides, Epoxides, and Sulfur Functional Groups


acidic cleavage

breaking of a covalent bond using an acid


organic molecule with a hydroxyl group attached to an sp3-hybridized carbon


thiol that has had the hydrogen of the thiol (SH) removed


use of mercury acetate to form ethers (alkoxy groups)


spontaneous oxidation at room temperature in the presence of oxygen

crown ether

cyclic compound consisting of repeating CH2CH2O{-}{\rm {CH}}_2{\rm {CH}}_2{\rm {O}}{-} units


removal of water from a compound


organic molecule containing two sulfur atoms that are each bound to either a hydrogen, alkyl, or aryl group through CS{\rm {C{-}S}} bonds

enantioselective reaction

chemical reaction in which one enantiomer of a chiral product is preferentially formed


chemical reaction that creates an oxirane ring (three-membered ether)


compound that contains a cyclic ether made of two carbons and an oxygen


organic molecule containing an oxygen atom bound by two alkyl or aryl groups through CO{\rm {C{-}O}} bonds


organic molecule with a halogen and a hydroxyl group on adjacent carbons


molecule or ion rich in electrons that donates a pair of electrons to form a covalent bond


cyclic three-membered ether ring, C2H4O

peroxy acid

acid that contains the COOOH, or CO3H, group

ring opening

reaction where a CC{\rm {C{-}C}} bond is broken in a carbon ring

Sharpless epoxidation

enantioselective method of epoxidation that can yield not only a syn product but only one of the two possible syn isomers using diethyl tartrate (DET)


atom or group of atoms (functional group) that replaces a CH{\rm {C{-}H}} bond in an organic compound


chemical reaction where one functional group replaces another functional group


organic molecule containing a sulfur bonded to two alkyl or aryl groups through CS{\rm {C{-}S}} bonds


organic molecule containing a sulfur double bonded twice to oxygen atoms and single bonded twice to alkyl or aryl groups through CS{\rm {C{-}S}} bonds


organic molecule containing a sulfur double bonded to an oxygen atom and single bonded twice to alkyl or aryl groups through CS{\rm {C{-}S}} bonds


organic compound that is derived from hydrogen sulfide (H2S). It contains an alkyl or aryl group covalently linked to a sulfhydryl group, SH{-}{\rm {SH}}, through CS{\rm {C{-}S}} bonds, with RSH\rm R{-}\rm {SH} stoichiometry.

Williamson synthesis

organic reaction used to convert an alcohol and an alkyl halide to an ether using a base, such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH)