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  • 60 terms


    Why Job Performance Matters


    SUM (indiv. JP) = Unit Effectiveness SUM (Unit Effectiveness) = Org. Effectiveness and positive outcomes for all stake holders.

    • OBHR 428 Exam 2
    • 60 terms
    • Vocabulary for OBHR 428 Exam 2. Find, create, and access selection device, c-r validity, flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 6 terms


    Elimination by Aspects (EBA)


    A model people use to screen alternatives & eliminate the choices that won't work for them. Central concept: one critical factor is used to decide whether each alternative is acceptable or not. If the critical factor or attribute of the job does not meet minimum acceptable value, then the whole offer will be rejected, even though other aspects might be very desirable.

    • OBHR Exam 2 pt. 2
    • 6 terms
    • Vocabulary for OBHR Exam 2 pt. 2. Find, create, and access American films, 2 Pt, critical factor, valance, flashcards with Course Hero.

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