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    sy, Carver, MASUELI, KenSereno, Thomas, STACYSMITH, Usher, Stacy Smith, ALLISONTROPE, ErnestWilson, PaoloSigismondi, Yu Hong, Baroffio, 12:00-01:50pm, CODY, Godoy, JONATHANTAPLIN, JoshuaKun, ColleenKeough, Henry Jenkins, RobertScheer, stables gordon, SHIPLEY, O'LEARY, GORDONSTABLES, N/A, PIERSON, AbigailKaun, DOUGTHOMAS, AnneBalsamo, FrancoisBar, InnaArzumanova, VincentBrook, WarrenVonBlum, JillianPierson, DanielDurbin, Wallis, Schultz, DanDurbin, JanetReynolds, Trope, SarahBanet-Weiser, TAJA, MichaelCody, AngelaJohnsonMeszaros, RitaLauria, StephenO'Leary, DianeWinston, PeterClarke, AlisonTrope, JimHubbard, ChristopherSmith, LauraPortwoodStacer, KarenNorth, TAJFRAZIER, JerroldGreen, RandyLake, LaurenMovius, TomHollihan, CynthiaMartinez, ErginBayrak, Jerryswerling, AndreaHollingshead, LarryGross, PeterMonge, PatriciaRiley, LynnMiller, ManuelCastells, SusanResnickWest, DoeMayer, HENRYJENKINS, DavidWestphal, SheilaMurphy, GeraldGoodnight, SandraBall-Rokeach, JonathanAronson, KwanLee, JanetFulk, EDMONDJONCKHEERE, BarbaraOsborn, DmitriWilliams, NELSON,S.
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  • 46 terms


    Freud's Perspective/ why accepted by masses


    -Tension exists between civilization and the individual- primary problem= individual has primal quest for freedom and civilization has contrary demand for conformity. -many primitive instincts are harmful to the community (sex, kill), so communities create laws that prevent this bad behavior, thus--feelings of discontent in citizens - humans have certain characteristics that are immutable- like sex or aggression towards authoritative figures -accepted by masses because many don't have authority and feel this displeasure- so easy to agree with, everyone wants freedom

    • COMM 322 Midterm
    • 46 terms
    • Vocabulary for COMM 322 Midterm. Find, create, and access Rhetoric, Argumentation theory, comm/ importance flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 9 terms


    Click - Whirr


    Click is trigger, Whirr is automatic response. Fixed action pattern

    • Comm 302 persuasion weapons of influence
    • 9 terms
    • Vocabulary for Comm 302 persuasion weapons of influence. Find, create, and access Photocopier, Xerox machine, Bowdoin Tuition Example flashcards with Course Hero.

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