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  • 3 Pages 408 writing#1
    408 Writing#1

    School: UNL

    Course: Acct

    Jieling Mai ACCT 408 Writing Assignment 1 August 27, 2012 In the article, Carruthers and Espeland discussed the importance of the double-entry bookkeeping. They explained that accounting played an important role in enhancing rationality and furthering the

  • 5 Pages MRKT 341 Exam 1
    MRKT 341 Exam 1

    School: UNL

    Course: Marketing

    MRKT 341 Exam 1

  • 10 Pages EXAM 1 note
    EXAM 1 Note

    School: UNL

    Course: Acct

    1. Organizational sociology approaches include those that take a positive faith perspective to the organization and those that take a relativist faith perspective. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these two approaches to understanding MACS? How is

  • 9 Pages FINA 363
    FINA 363

    School: UNL

    Course: FINA

    21. General-purpose financial statements are the product of a. financial accounting. b. managerial accounting. c. both financial and managerial accounting. d. neither financial nor managerial accounting. financial accounting. 22. Users of financial report

  • 6 Pages PT Ch27
    PT Ch27

    School: UNL


    Exam Name_ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) There are three reasons why futures options on fixed- income securities have largely supplanted options on physicals as the options vehicl

  • 1 Page BSEN 225 Graded Assignment 4
    BSEN 225 Graded Assignment 4

    School: UNL

    Course: Engineering Properties Of Biological Materials

    Assignment 4 Particle Properties Nov 19, 2012 1. Briefly describe an engineering design problem, where angle of repose of a material is essential. (2 points) It is commonly used by mountain climbers and park rangers when analyzing if certain parts of the

  • 3 Pages Possible exam 1 questions fall 2012(1)
    Possible Exam 1 Questions Fall 2012(1)

    School: UNL

    Course: Acct

    PossibleQuestions Exam1Accounting408 Fall2012 Theexamwillconsistofthreequestionsfromthelistbelow.Youwillberequiredtowrite essaysontwoofthethreequestions.Youressayswillbegradedonthefollowingcriteria:1) thecompletenessandspecificityofyouranswertothequesti

  • 4 Pages Syllabus S14
    Syllabus S14

    School: UNL

    Course: Investment Principles

    Syllabus FINA 363: Investment Principles Dr. S. Nikolova Spring 2014 Phone: 402.472.6049 Email: SNikolova2@unl.edu Office: CBA 238 Office Hours: Tu/Th 9:30 - 11:30AM or by appointment (except for exam days) Lecture Time (Room): Sec 001 Tu/Th 8:00 - 9:15AM

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