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  • 5 Pages Homework one.docx
    Homework one.docx

    School: NMSU

    Agro/ANSC/BIO/GENE/HORT 305 Fall, 2014 Homework #1 (Due back on Sept 12, 2014) Name: Haley Bloomquist Section: 1 (8:30-9:20) Q1. A. A person studying the rate of transcription of a particular gene is working in the field of A. B. C. D. Molecular genetics

  • 3 Pages Homework four.docx
    Homework four.docx

    School: NMSU

    Agro/ANSC/Biol/Hort/Gene 305 Fall, 2014 Homework #4(Due back on Nov 21, 2014) Name: Haley Bloomquist Section : 1 Q1. Describe the important features of cloning vectors. Explain the purpose of selectable marker genes in cloning experiments. Have the abilit

  • 7 Pages test 3 review (1).docx
    test 3 review (1).docx

    School: NMSU

    GENE 305 test 3 I. Chapter 12: Transcription and RNA processing a. The central dogma: i. The usual flow of genetic information is from DNA to RNA to polypeptide b. Types of RNA and their functions: i. Ribosomal (rRNA) 1. Necessary for the translation of m

  • 7 Pages Homework #02 (1).docx
    Homework #02 (1).docx

    School: NMSU

    Agro/ANSC/Bio/Gene/Hort305 Fall,2014 Homework#2(DuebackonOct10) Name:HaleyBloomquist Section:1 1.Singedbristles(sn),crossveinlesswings(cv),andvermilioneyecolor(v)aredueto recessivemutantallelesofthreeXlinkedgenesinDrosophilamelanogaster.Whena femalehetero

  • 8 Pages Homework 3-3.docx
    Homework 3-3.docx

    School: NMSU

    Agro/ANSC/Biol/Hort/Gene 305 Fall, 2015 Homework #3 (part 1) (Due back on Nov 11, 2015) Name: Kassie Geary Section: M01 Q1. A. Draw and label the lac operon and describe the function of each element on the operon. _ _ b. How is the lac operon regulated in

  • 8 Pages Gen 305, 15, HW #2.docx
    Gen 305, 15, HW #2.docx

    School: NMSU

    Agro/ANSC/Bio/Gene305 Fall,2015 Homework#2(DuebackonOct14th) (Allthetextshouldbetyped.Thefigurescanbehanddrawn) Name: KassieGeary Section:M01 Q1. Intomato,redfruit(R)isdominantoveryellowfruit(r),andyellowflowers(Wf) aredominantoverwhiteflowers(wf).Acrossw

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