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ACCT 342 - Alaska Anch Study Resources
  • 32 Pages Janet_Ch_2_Horngren

    School: Alaska Anch

    An Introduction To Cost Terms and Purposes 1. Define and illustrate a cost object 2. Distinguish between direct costs and indirect costs 3. Explain variable costs and fixed costs Them. .rre ?nun? cfif@rc3nt ~ ! / ~ r sc:osts, i711d dt differ~ict t

  • 50 Pages ACCT_342

    School: Alaska Anch

    @ Determining How Costs Behave 1 Explain the two assumptions . frequently used in cost-behavior estimation. 2 Describe linear cost functions and . three common ways in which they behave 3. Understand various methods of cost estimation Wl~ilt thc zl

  • 6 Pages 342Ch11_12_Quiz_sp08

    School: Alaska Anch

    Acct. 342 CH. 11 & 12 Quiz DECISION MAKING AND RELEVANT INFO 1. Price discrimination laws only apply to manufacturers and the practice is only illegal if the intent is to destroy competition. a. True b. False Peak-load pricing is a form of price disc

  • 2 Pages Project 2 Capital Budget-2
    Project 2 Capital Budget-2

    School: Alaska Anch

    The following project is due April 22nd at the start of class. Late work will not be accepted. All answers should be typed. Include all names of group on submission. Weight will be given to thoughtful responses. Project is worth 150 pts. T&S Oil Company h

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