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  • 6 Pages exam2_s12_solutions

    School: UNC

    ASTRONOMY 101 SECTION 1 EXAM 2 1. A prime-focus telescope results in an: A. B. C. D. Upside-up image one focal length from the mirror Upside-up image two focal length from the mirror Upside-down image one focal length from the mirror Upside-down image two


    School: UNC

    HW 4: When an object is so far away the incoming rays of light are basically parallel The ideal shape for a single mirror to reflect and focus parallel rays of light to a point is parabolic Reflecting telescopes are preferred because Light focused with le

  • 2 Pages Astr 101 Lesson 1 Dan Reichart
    Astr 101 Lesson 1 Dan Reichart

    School: UNC

    Astronomy 101 Lesson 1 Dan Reichart Light year: the distance light travels in one year. Distance = speed x time Distance = Velocity x time Distance/Time = Velocity 1 LY = C x 1 year C = 300,000 km/s = 3 x 10^5 km/s = 3 x 10^8 m/s 1 year = 365 days x 1 day

  • 4 Pages GRADED-exp8_Askar-

    School: UNC

    Course: GEN. CHEM. LAB

    Experiment 8 Spectroscopy Name Hussein Askar Lab Section 421 Results and Discussion Figure 1. Wavelength (nm) vs. Position for Fluorescent Light. The slope is 115.85, y-intercept is -86.34, and correlation coefficient is 0.9965; these values are obtained

  • 16 Pages Final Paper Dominos
    Final Paper Dominos

    School: UNC

    Domino's Pizza Turnaround 1 Domino's Pizza Turn Around Did we actually face our critics and reinvent our pizza from the crust up? Oh yes we did. December 16, 2011 [Abstract] In December 2009, Domino's revamped its pizza recipe and its company's reputati

  • 2 Pages Homework 1 (1)
    Homework 1 (1)

    School: UNC

    Course: International Economics

    ECON 460 001, 002 Homework 1 due on September 3, 2010 Question 1: The following table shows the hours of labor required to produce 1 unit of each commodity in each country: Wheat Clothing United States United Kingdom 3 hr 4 hr 9 hr 4 hr a. Which country h

  • 2 Pages Duong_nmr2

    School: UNC

    The Wittig Reaction NMR Assignment Name_Richard Duong_ TA_Joseph Sokol_ Section_427_ Hd Hc O He O Ha C H 3O h Hf Hb Hg Chemical Shift () Integrated Intensity Proton Typea Multiplicityb J (Hz) # of protons on adjacent atom(s) a 10.5-13 1 OH s 0 0 b 7.731 1

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