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  • 8 Pages hoffman_exp10

    School: UNC

    Course: Gen. Chem 2 Lab

    Experiment 10 Gas Laws Spring 2010 Name Lab Section 403 Point Summary (See Blackboard for detailed grading rubric) Superior Excellent Satisfactory Fair Poor Omitted Introduction Purpose of Report Goals of Experiment Materials and Methods Results and Discu

  • 4 Pages e2-2

    School: UNC

    Exam 2, STOR 113, Section 2 Spring 2012 Name (please print): March 21, 2012 (1) Everything you want us to grade should be written on the exam paper. You can write on the scratch paper, but it will no be graded. Also return scratch paper at the end of the


    School: UNC

    HW 4: When an object is so far away the incoming rays of light are basically parallel The ideal shape for a single mirror to reflect and focus parallel rays of light to a point is parabolic Reflecting telescopes are preferred because Light focused with le

  • 6 Pages exam2_s12_solutions

    School: UNC

    ASTRONOMY 101 SECTION 1 EXAM 2 1. A prime-focus telescope results in an: A. B. C. D. Upside-up image one focal length from the mirror Upside-up image two focal length from the mirror Upside-down image one focal length from the mirror Upside-down image two

  • 16 Pages Final Paper Dominos
    Final Paper Dominos

    School: UNC

    Domino's Pizza Turnaround 1 Domino's Pizza Turn Around Did we actually face our critics and reinvent our pizza from the crust up? Oh yes we did. December 16, 2011 [Abstract] In December 2009, Domino's revamped its pizza recipe and its company's reputati

  • 2 Pages Homework 1 (1)
    Homework 1 (1)

    School: UNC

    Course: International Economics

    ECON 460 001, 002 Homework 1 due on September 3, 2010 Question 1: The following table shows the hours of labor required to produce 1 unit of each commodity in each country: Wheat Clothing United States United Kingdom 3 hr 4 hr 9 hr 4 hr a. Which country h

  • 4 Pages GRADED-exp8_Askar-

    School: UNC

    Course: GEN. CHEM. LAB

    Experiment 8 Spectroscopy Name Hussein Askar Lab Section 421 Results and Discussion Figure 1. Wavelength (nm) vs. Position for Fluorescent Light. The slope is 115.85, y-intercept is -86.34, and correlation coefficient is 0.9965; these values are obtained

  • 2 Pages Astr 101 Lesson 1 Dan Reichart
    Astr 101 Lesson 1 Dan Reichart

    School: UNC

    Astronomy 101 Lesson 1 Dan Reichart Light year: the distance light travels in one year. Distance = speed x time Distance = Velocity x time Distance/Time = Velocity 1 LY = C x 1 year C = 300,000 km/s = 3 x 10^5 km/s = 3 x 10^8 m/s 1 year = 365 days x 1 day

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