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SOCI 850 - UNC Study Resources
  • 43 Pages mx0202

    School: UNC

    ACHIEVEMENT AND ASCRIPTION IN ADOLESCENT SCHOOLING: A BEHAVIOR GENETIC APPROACH Franois Nielsen Department of Sociology University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Revised December 2003 Length: 16, 558 words with all materials Direct all corresponde

  • 17 Pages Treiman and Mare Stratification Syllabus
    Treiman And Mare Stratification Syllabus

    School: UNC

    Sociology 239A/B - INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH ON SOCIAL STRATIFICATION AND SOCIAL MOBILITY Syllabus - Winter and Spring 2006 TIME AND PLACE: Tuesday 2:00 - 4:50. Winter: Haines A78; Spring: TBA. CLASS WEBSITE: http:/www.sscnet.ucla.edu/06W/soc239a-1/ P

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