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PHYS 116 - Ohio Wesleyan Study Resources
  • 21 Pages DC Circuits
    DC Circuits

    School: Ohio Wesleyan

    DC Circuits: A Hydraulic Analogy College Physics, Giambattista When 2 or more resistors are connected end-to-end, they are said to be in series Resistors in Series Current is the same in each resistor (conservation of charge) Sum of potential

  • 26 Pages Electrical Energy and Capacitance
    Electrical Energy And Capacitance

    School: Ohio Wesleyan

    Electrical Potential Energy In Chapter 15, we saw that the gravitational and electrical (Coulomb) forces have similar forms Fg = G m1m2 r2 Fe = k e q1 q2 r2 Gravity Electrical This similarity also leads to a similarity between the potential ener

  • 24 Pages Vibrations and Waves
    Vibrations And Waves

    School: Ohio Wesleyan

    We are surrounded by oscillations motions that repeat themselves (periodic motion) Grandfather clock pendulum, boats bobbing at anchor, oscillating guitar strings, pistons in car engines Periodic Motion Understanding periodic motion is essentia

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