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  • 23 Pages Mischel-Shoda

    School: University Of Texas

    Psychological Review 1995, Vol. 102, No. 2, 246-268 Copyright 1995 by the American Psychological Association, Inc. 0033-295X/95/$3,00 A Cognitive-Affective System Theory of Personality: Reconceptualizing Situations, Dispositions, Dynamics, and Inva

  • 27 Pages Hopp_Fuchs(2004) saccadic plasticity1
    Hopp_Fuchs(2004) Saccadic Plasticity1

    School: University Of Texas

    Progress in Neurobiology 72 (2004) 2753 The characteristics and neuronal substrate of saccadic eye movement plasticity J. Johanna Hopp , Albert F. Fuchs Department of Physiology and Biophysics, National Primate Research Center, University of Washing

  • 1 Page Notes on Discourse Markers
    Notes On Discourse Markers

    School: University Of Texas

    Notes on Discourse Markers / Cue Words 1 Discourse Markers: "sequentially dependent elements that bracket units of talk" Analysis of these markers is part of the larger framework of discourse coherence, the study of how speakers and hearers integrat

  • 17 Pages Lowe96

    School: University Of Texas

    Page 1 of 17 Journal of Abnormal Psychology November 1996 Vol. 105, No. 4, 508-517 1996 by the American Psychological Association For personal use only-not for distribution. Restraint, Dieting, and the Continuum Model of Bulimia Nervosa Michael R

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