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EECS 122 - Berkeley Study Resources
  • 12 Pages Lab01_Ethernet

    School: Berkeley

    Laboratory 1 Ethernet A Direct Link Network with Media Access Control Objective This lab is designed to demonstrate the operation of the Ethernet network. The simulation in this lab will help you examine the performance of the Ethernet network unde

  • 11 Pages Lab04_NetworkDesign

    School: Berkeley

    Laboratory 4 Network Design Planning a Network with Different Users, Hosts, and Services Objective The objective of this lab is to demonstrate the basics of designing a network, taking into consideration the users, services, and locations of the ho

  • 0 Pages opnet

    School: Berkeley

    OPNET Overview Setup Introduction and Tutorials Demonstration (Ethernet Lab) TOC OPNET Overview Original work at MIT, now maintained and marketed by OPNET Inc. Discrete event simulator OPNET Modeler Hierarchical modeling that mimics real life arch

  • 0 Pages hw3

    School: Berkeley

    EECS 122: Homework 3 Instructors: Shyam Parekh and Adam Wolisz Due: 03/01/2007 Question 1: A disadvantage of the contention approach for LANs such as CSMA/CD is the capacity wasted due to multiple stations attempting to access the channel at the same

  • 0 Pages Lab09_QueuingDisciplines

    School: Berkeley

    Laboratory 9 Queuing Disciplines Order of Packet Transmission and Dropping Objective The objective of this lab is to examine the effect of different queuing disciplines on packet delivery and delay for different services. Overview As part of the r

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