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The STAT department at Berkeley features a variety of courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

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STAT - Berkeley Study Resources
  • University Of California, Berkeley (Berkeley)
  • Pitman, Staff, Adh, Christine Ho, Jim Pitman, CHE, CHENG, Wayne, No Idea, Yuval Peres, MURALI STOYANOV, Childers-Day, Pitman, Jim, Peter, NOLAN, Allan Sly, Michael Lugo , Aldous, CHENG, C, IBSER, Kalinowski, Adk, KAUFMAN, Michael Klass, MICHAEL JORDAN, D'abrera, Michael I. Jordan, Lugo, ADHIKARI, Antar, Tessa Childers-Day, Perves, Julin, David Aldous, Evans, Noureddine, Sourav Chatterjee, PURVES, Timothy Thornton , Anderes, Blumberg, Olena, Hank Ibser, Kong, STOYANOV, Alber, Sugahara, Jason, James Pitman, SPECTOR, Luen , Nayantara Bhatnagar , Shobhana Stoyanov, Chris, NA, Peter Bartlett, CRAWFORD, ANI ADHIKARI, Yangqing Jia, SUNG
  • 78

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