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  • 24 terms


    Adjusted R^2


    - adjusted R^2 penalizes for the addition of explanatory variables, and in doing so measures whether the additional regressors are "significant" - The adjusted R^2 is simply the R^2 scaled down according to the number of the regressors included, in any model including regressors - Adjusted R^2 is less than the R^2 - A measure of goodness of fit

    • Econ 140 Midterm 2_1
    • 24 terms
    • Vocabulary for Econ 140 Midterm 2_1. Find, create, and access Econometrics, flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 15 terms




    Property, Plant and equipment

    • Chapter 3
    • 15 terms
    • Vocabulary for Chapter 3. Find, create, and access Current Liabilities, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, 6 months, 5 Year flashcards with Course Hero.

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