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  • 46 terms


    Sepoy Rebellion


    What? An Indian (India) rebellion as a result of British control and the British taking and controlling their resources for 100’s of years. When? 1857 Where? India Significant because? Showed that Natives were rising up against imperialism. A rumor is started that the British are using cow and pig fat on the guns that they are giving to the Indians. This unites Muslim and Hindu Indians that are serving in this army. Laid the foundation for later Indian Populist and nationalist resistance. British ended company rule.

    • Hist 202 Midterm 3
    • 46 terms
    • Vocabulary for Hist 202 Midterm 3. Find, create, and access History, flashcards with Course Hero.
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    What: An international movement where people began to trust human reason more than they had before. People searched for universal laws and utilized experimentation (the Baconian method, later scientific method). Prompts different ways of viewing the world. Affects everything from science, to religion, to politics, to math, astronomy, biology, anatomy, and race. Was the product of merchants without noble blood who, because of the rise in wealth of merchants, had time to read and learn. Possibly connect with Printing Press for significance? When: 1650-1800 Where: All across Europe, but strongest in Protestant countries. USA, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Haiti Significance: Completely changed the way that the world was viewed, and how Europeans viewed themselves. Leaps were made in the sciences thanks to the scientific method. Also, the enlightenment theories of government and politics contributed to revolutions across the world.

    • Hist 202 Mid 2
    • 27 terms
    • Vocabulary for Hist 202 Mid 2. Find, create, and access The Wealth of Nations, flashcards with Course Hero.

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