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  • 3 Pages stats-case 15.5
    Stats-case 15.5

    School: Utah

    Travis Giguere Matlock Arnold Achem Pichay Mgt 3440-1 Case Study 15.5 Wendell Motors Executive Summary To create a model to figure out what affect shipping on holidays has, we ran a forward selection stepwise regression analysis. By looking at the

  • 2 Pages OIS 5000 Quiz 2 - Answer Key
    OIS 5000 Quiz 2 - Answer Key

    School: Utah

    OIS 5000 Quiz #2 1/27/14 Name: _ Which of the three common process improvement methodologies (Six Sigma, Lean, or Theory of Constraints) is BEST described by each statement for questions 1-6?: 1. Concentrates on the process that slows the speed of product

  • 7 Pages PS 1 Solutions
    PS 1 Solutions

    School: Utah

    Course: Physical Chemistry I

    Chem 3060 Quantum Chemistry & Spectroscopy Problem Set #1 Solutions 1. For each of the following systems, determine the order-of-magnitude value for the size of the system (in SI units of length, meters). For example, a large dog would be roughly 100 cm,

  • 1 Page case 10.2
    Case 10.2

    School: Utah

    Course: Business Statistics

    JIANG XINYAN OIS 3440-002 Case 10.2 Hamilton Marketing Services 1. a sample proportion for the pricing option 1 with the $40.00 is 6/80=0.2=20%, for the pricing option 2 with the $30.0014/80=0.175=17.5% 2. Through the calculation I did, the pricing option

  • 10 Pages Fish Kill
    Fish Kill

    School: Utah

    Exp. 14 Procedure Proposal Template - Fall 2013 Replace all NON-BOLD text with the information indicated. Please leave the BOLD section headings as they are. Numbered items indicate the desired order of information within a section. This assignment should

  • 8 Pages practice_quiz2_solutions

    School: Utah

    University of Utah David Eccles School of Business Department of Operations and Information Systems OIS 3660 Operations Management PRACTICE PROBLEMS FOR QUIZ - 2 Tuesday, February 24, 2014 Joes Beer, Bait, & Tackle Co. (Q1 Q2) Joes Beer, Bait, & Tackle Co

  • 15 Pages OIS3660 HW1
    OIS3660 HW1

    School: Utah

    Mr. Ks is a very popular hair salon. It offers high-quality hair-styling and physical relaxation services at a reasonable price, so it always has unlimited demand. The service process includes five activities that are conducted in the sequence described b

  • 32 Pages sol2_vlsi_arch

    School: Utah

    Course: VLSI Architecture

    Solution manual for chapters 1,2,3 for the book Digital Arithmetic - Milos Ercegovac

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