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  • 94 terms


    Cough Reflex Pathway


    Chemical and Mechanical sensory receptors located in the larynx and large airways, send AFFERENT neurones carrying Action Potential to the Medulla Cough Centre in the NTS. The Medulla Cough Centre [NTS] then sends EFFERENT signals to the Larynx, Respiratory Muscles and Pelvic Sphincter [to prevent incontinence]

    • PAC3421
    • 94 terms
    • Vocabulary for PAC3421. Find, create, and access Common cold, respiratory tract, Sinusitis, lower respiratory tract, flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 5 terms


    Early R wave progression


    Posterior MI RVH RBBB WPW

    • ECG findings
    • 5 terms
    • Vocabulary for ECG findings. Find, create, and access Cardiac electrophysiology, Bundle of His, right bundle branch, wave progression flashcards with Course Hero.

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